glasgow glass studio

A working glass studio, providing classes and open access facilities

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Charges for Open Access Users

Glasgow Glass Studio provides access to outside users for all of its facilities. Users are responsible for their own work and are expected to be competent in whatever activity they undertake and to be able to safely use the equipment. The studio has 3rd Party Liability insurance cover only.

To arrange a visit to the studio, or to book access times, contact the studio.

Kiln Charges

      The studio has three glass kilns - ECO, KilnCare and Paragon.
      The internal dimensions are:
      ECO -
      Kilncare -
      Paragon -

      A gas-fired Hoaf kiln is owned by Brian Waugh and all arrangements
      to use it are to be made directly with him.
      GGS Members     Electricity - 0.15p/unit
      Open Access       £10 per firing including electricity. Thinfire paper available to buy.

Sandblast Charges
      GGS Members     £2.50 up to 0.5 hours, £5.00 up to 1 hour,
                                   £5.00 p/h thereafter

      Open Access       £15 up to 0.5 hours, £20.00 up to 1 hour,
                                  £20.00 p/h thereafter

Studio Bench Charges (includes use of hand tools and grinders)
      GGS Members     Free
      Open Access       £5 per hour, £20 per day, £60 per week, £120 per month
                                  Longer access by arrangement