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A working glass studio, providing classes and open access facilities

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About the Studio

Glasgow Glass Studio (registered as AGA) is home to a collective of professional glass artists, sharing studio facilities, based in the WASPS building at 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow. The glass artists undertake commissions, repairs and restoration (including removal and fitting) and also produce their own work for studios and galleries.

A wide range of techniques are practised including, leaded panels, glass painting and staining, sand etching, acid etching, copper foil work, glass fusing, glass casting. Designs are made in contemporary and traditional styles and can cover small domestic commission to large scale ecclesiastical or corporate projects.

The artists may collaborate to provide a range of skills and experience and to manage larger commissions. Work is undertaken throughout Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Central Scotland, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen. The studio is open to non-members who wish to use the facilities on a pro-rata basis. Courses and individual tutoring is also provided.

Glasgow Glass Studio
Studio 10, WASPS
77 Hanson Street, Glasgow G31 2HF

Tel: 0141 556 3322